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Portland Rain Gutters and what you should know

So Portland Oregon is pretty big with the rain and the needing Rain Gutters. This is what to look out for when hiring a gutter company in your area. You got a few different types of gutter companies here in the Portland metro area. You got the run of the mill construction worker with a few felonies and probably on parole and don't want around your house to the illegals that will do a damn good job and do it for cheap but that is exactly what you will get is fast cheap work and you will never see them again once the job is done to the big business and out of state corporate companies like leaf filter that will charge you 20k for your gutters to just big local companies like a GNW that is a great company but has fallen off the wheel when it comes to our fellow neighbors here in Oregon where we support local small companies some of these companies just like to see checks and doesn't care about the quality they want quantity they will do 3 to 4 houses in a day and slap it up. Or you can go with the smaller more personable companies like a NorthFresh Gutters  Gutter Gurus and the gutter brothers   with I believe only has a website you can go to. But these are the companies you want to have they do good work they are there to communicate with you and you aren't getting ripped off because they build a relationship with there customers and build a clientele. They are the companies that work on your house as if it were there own because they take pride in there work and plan on coming back to it in the future for maintenance and upkeep don't be fooled out there make a good choice cheaper isn't always better especially when it comes to the safety of your home.