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How To Work With Copper Rain Gutters

Copper Rain Gutters are the nicest rain gutters money can buy! With that unmistakable look to them that everyone knows and can see from the just the shine alone, they are truly a rich man Rain Gutter. Not your average person is going to spend 20 to 30K on a Rain Gutters job unless you got money to spare. But the overall look to it and that feel it brings to a home is incredible and it better be for how much it cost! With Copper Rain Gutters You have every style as you would other Fascia, 5K&6K Gutters, and half-round as if copper wasn't already expensive enough. Copper Rain Gutters have not jobbed a job that you want to just get anyone to do obviously. You need a professional that has not only done Rain Gutters for a long time but has also worked with copper too. At NorthFresh Gutters, we are your company with having done hundreds of copper jobs just here in the Portland area we know what we are doing. The most recent copper job we did was street of dreams in Wilsonville nice little over the front porch copper roof and Rain Gutter. So working with copper is super difficult not only because its a softer metal it also can not be touched bu your body or the oils from your skin. Copper, when touched with bare hands, will leave fingerprints so good on it after you touched them CSI could pull your prints off them for years. Copper what it does is it oxidizes leaving black smug mark or fingerprints that will discolor the gutters and look different. You preferably need to wear wool gloves or basically any gloves do not touch with your bare hands. The perfect copper gutter when is up will all be the same color with no fingerprints or discoloring. When I say it oxidized it does quick by the next day or even that day you will see the process starting to happen and that's not something you want on your 30k dollar rain gutter job. The reason why this is so important is that the main reason why people buy copper is it changes color over the years which is really neet.  you want that all to be doing it at the same time this is why it is touched as little as possible and you need to be swapping out your gloves. At NorthFresh Gutters We are the bleeding installers for copper and can do your job the way it is meant to be done.

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