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These are the common rain gutters that you will see across the nation. With each having their advantages. Out here in the Pacific NorthWet, the ideal gutters to go with would be 5k and 6k style of gutters due to the fact that they are wider and can take a bigger downspout to them rather than the facia style of gutters which is limited to having just the smaller downspouts and no chance for an upgrade if needed. They have a 2inch bottom and usually get the 2x3 flat or plain square downspout to go with them. Granted they look great and are nice, but they are more for like Arizona or Nevada somewhere where it doesn't rain that often basically not here in Oregon. They usually have a lip on the back of the gutter with them as well that will sit up under your shingles and sit on the sheeting of your roof so they have no slope to them at all they just are there for looks and do not function one bit. Seems kinda strange right? So I recommend 5k or 6k gutters for our climate out here. they both look the same one is just bigger than the other but they are slopped to the downspouts to work as gutters should be and they also have the options to get the 3x4 downspouts put on them as well which will take a pine cone down them they are so massive.
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