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Fascia Rain Gutters at NorthFresh gutters

Fascia Rain Gutters are one of the most popular styles in oregon right now. Most of all new construction is using fascia rain gutter right now. Fascia Gutters have a flat face to it and they are long and skinny is the best way to describe them. However they are not that great for the northwest. With there narrow top of them being 4-1/2 inches wide and the length being 6 inches with a 2 inch bottom they are bound to get clogged with debris. They look great and are fine if you have no trees around you but if you do you will have problems and that is a fact. One if the leading causes for that is because of the 2 inch bottom it has that limits the size of downspout you can put on the them you are limited to 2x3 plain square downspouts that are notorious for getting clogged. Its not a matter of if they get clogged it is a matter of when! Because they will get clogged and that is a 100% fact! Not to mention that is even if the installer makes them correctly. If you go with these sleek looking gutters I highly recommend getting screen for them as well or you will have issues and not years from now I am talking months from now.