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Sentinel gutter Guards

Sentinel gutter guards are made in Oregon from oregon and and for Oregon. Why would you go with anything else is beyond me? This gutter guard was made in beaverton Oregon where a guy was sick of all the pine needles and leaves clogging his gutters all the time and causing problems so he developed a gutter guard that was specifically made for our area. It started out as he put them on his house and then his neighbors seen how well they were working and asked him if they could get some too and that is how they are where they are now. It has a half moon shape to it with a thick aluminum wiring and a this mesh to go over the top of it to keep the pine needles out yet allowing for the water to flow through it freely and easily no matter the amount it is getting. You will see all sorts of gutter guards on the market some good some not so good. These are the best for all the reasons I just stated. the half moon shape keeps the debris from sitting on top of your gutters they thick wire and the fine mesh to keep all the smallest of debris out and still able to handle the water flow. other products will over time even right away will get overwhelmed with water and just shoot right over the top of the gutters. Because they were not made for Oregon weather and the amount of water we get. Keep it local and take my advice and go with the best screen you can get and that is this stuff right here.